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342 Pipefitting News

01/2014 Fitter Report

by Robbie Nash (eff 1/15/16) on 01/17/14

Happy New Year to all members of UA Local 342! 2014 is upon us and we hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday Season.


As stated in previous reports, the East County Hall of Justice that was slated to be built in Dublin is awaiting its final round of funding.  We recently confirmed with Larry Booth, President of Frank Booth Incorporated, groundbreaking should be the end of the first quarter or beginning of the second quarter.  This job should take about 12 342 members.


Ray L. Hellwig Mechanical has started a four month project for the City of Berkeley at the Civic Center building and the Public Safety building.  This is a $2 million project and should take about six 342 members.


Airco Mechanical of Sacramento will begin a project for Merritt College at the Center for Science & Allied Health in Berkeley.  This project will last approximately 18 months and should take about 6-8 342 members.

10/2013 Alameda County Report - Fitters

by Robbie Nash (eff 1/15/16) on 11/01/13


F.W. Spencer has topped out at 26 fitters out at Highland Hospital in Oakland.  The pre-fab and installation for this project has gone very well and we would like to thank the Steamfitters that were dispatched to the project for a textbook job well started. Keep up the great work! This job will go into the end of next year. Campbell Hall at UC Berkeley has six members assigned to that project. They are ahead of schedule and continue to fab in the shop as well as install in the field. We do not expect F.W. Spencer to hire any more members for Campbell Hall.

Desert Mechanical has started a job at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the Solar Energy Research Center project (SERC).  This job will employ about six fitters and should be completed around March of next year.

Lawson Mechanical (from Sacramento, CA) has landed several jobs in our jurisdiction for both Fitting and Plumbing.  They are beginning a Boiler Replacement job at Oakland City Hall.  This project will employ four members.  They have also expressed interest in setting up a shop in San Leandro, CA.

Shimmick Construction has completed work at the new Sunol Water Treatment Plant.  We would like to thank all the Fitters and Plumbers who made the project a Local 342 success.  The Business Office received correspondence from the contractor praising the knowledge, expertise, and execution of the work performed by our members.


Local 91 (Birmingham, AL) is looking for 50 Pipefitters.

Local 168 (Marietta, OH) is looking for 140 Pipefitters.

Local 488 (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) – The Business Office is continuing to process paperwork for Travel Card work in Canada.  If you are considering it, we encourage you to begin the process as the waiting period seems to be a lengthy process. You can always make your decision to take the job or pass on it once you receive a call from the contractor. There is ongoing work scheduled for the Tar-Sands Project for the next 20 years.

Alameda County Report - Fitters

by Robbie Nash (eff 1/15/16) on 07/24/13

As reported at the last Union Meeting, the work outlook for the Fitters in Alameda County will continue to be slow for the remainder of the year. However, the good news is that there are Travel Card opportunities for Pipefitters and Welders in Local 488 (Alberta, Canada).

They need 500 Pipefitters and 100 Welders, as well as Pipeline Welders. Unfortunately, no Helpers will be needed for this project. I attended a meeting in Southern California mid July 2013 that spelled out the protocols that must be met in order to travel to Local 488.

If you are interested in travelling to Canada (free airfare), with room and board (man camp), with an average take home of $2,800 a week, give me a call and we will get started on the paperwork. Be advised, there is an extensive checklist that must be met prior to arriving in Canada. So be prepared to satisfy documents for Local 488 as well as the country of Canada.

Local 393 (San Jose) will utilize 342 Welders with the UA21 Welding Certification and 342 Fitters with the UA/EPRI Rigging Certification sometime in late August or early September. If you do not have these certifications in place, we cannot send you down there on Travel Card. Please do your part in attaining these certifications on your own so you can be ready to go to work when called on.


FW Spencer has begun hiring at Highland Hospital in Oakland.They currently have eight members on that project and expect to hire about 10-12 more Fitters to complete their manpower needs.

Also, we should see some hiring of Fitters for the Campbell Hall project, at UC Berkeley in a few weeks.They currently have four Fitters there and should peak out with 10 total on that job.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate Murray Company for becoming signatory to the National Minimum Standard Agreement for Commercial Pipe Fabrication Shop.They will now have the right to adhere the Yellow Bug Pipe stickers when fabricating in their shop.

342 Pipefitting News Coming Soon!

by Robbie Nash (eff 1/15/16) on 05/30/13

This will be the location for all of your 342 Pipefitting news and information.