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03/2014 Alameda County Report - FITTERS

by Robbie Nash (eff 1/15/16) on 08/22/14

So far, the 2014 construction climate has been slow coming out of the starting gate and while it seems that current trends could continue from a dismal showing of last year’s poor indication of work, the Business Office has some good news!

In an effort to locate more building space, memory device and disk giant, Seagate, bought the Solyndra facility in Fremont and now has plans for approximately $100 million in tenant improvement. A bid walk took place at the end of January with five of our signatory pipe contractors on the bid hunt. The Business Office should be hearing from one of those contractors in the coming weeks. We anticipate dispatching members in late March for Phase 1 – Demolition.

LAM Research in Fremont has a project on the books that estimates to be around $90 million. This project has not been awarded yet, but should take on 20-30 fitters at its peak. Look for future post(s) regarding this project.

I encourage our members to prepare themselves for all of the brazing activity and high purity work that is coming up. We urge you to enroll in a Tube-Bending or Orbital Welding Class offered at the Training Center so you can be ready. See Welding Coordinator, Steve Eckley, to sign up for the Orbital Welding Class and/or see Fitter Coordinator, Steve Apperson, to sign up for the Tube-Bending Class.

CURRENT PROJECT: The Safeway Milk Plant Manufacturing and Cold Storage Expansion Project in San Leandro is well underway. Shambaugh & Son has employed 30 of our members running a day and night shift. This project will go for about 2-3 months. The Business Office expects that they will achieve their completion date with the manpower they currently have.


Airco Mechanical of Sacramento will be performing some work at Merritt College at The Center for Science & Allied Health Building. The underground plumbing is expected to begin in mid to late March with 3-4 of our members beginning that work. It will be in the following weeks after the underground is complete that we should see some fitters on that project.  We expect the project will take approximately 8-10 Local 342 fitters.

Hellwig Mechanical has turned over a job to Hellwig Plumbing and Heating in Berkeley. The Civic Center Building and Public Safety Building is a small project that will be manned by 342 members already working for the company. It is possible they could hire 1-2 members.

CANADA WORK: Calls are coming in to Local 488 for pre-shutdown work to begin for the ACTIMS shutdown project. The actual shutdown is scheduled to start between mid-March and the first week of April. Local 488 expects to fill 450+ fitter calls and 150+ welder calls. UA Local 488 does assist the Boilermaker union with manpower, so it is possible you could be asked to fill one of those calls.

See you at the next union meeting.